Cor home automation

No Contracts Or Monthly Fees

With your new CÔR home automation system, you will finally be in complete control of your house. The CÔR app will give you remote access to your home security, thermostats, lights, and much more, from virtually anywhere in the world. Optional add-on equipment and over the air (internet) software upgrades make this system expandable and future proof.




  • 64 Sensors
  • 20 Keyfobs
  • 250 Z-wave devices
  • 256 Users
  • 16 Scenes/Automations​
  • 16 Cameras
  • 2 Powered outputs
  • 4 Areas
  • 24-hour back-up batteries
  • Location services
  • Optional 3G add on for CÔR controller

Security Benefits


Are you tired of paying increasing costs to your home security provider? With no monthly fees, you can use CÔR's self-monitoring options to ensure your house is safe at all times. The CÔR app allows you to arm or disarm your system from your smartphone or tablet.

What Are Automations

Automations allow you to set a series of events to take place when a predetermined event happens (Trigger).

  • For example, when you are 300 meters from your home you can have an automation start:
  • Automation name: Home From Work
  • Alarm System Disarms
  • Garage Door Opens
  • Doors unlock
  • Back Door Light Turns On
  • Lamp in the living room turns on 100% unless programmed differently

You are able to have 16 different actions per automation, and 16 different automations. You are also able to select different times that each automation is able to take place.​


All of our security sensors double as an automation start point. For example, when you open the back door the light in your shed could turn on. You can even go one step further and make it so the light is only able to turn on between 9 pm and 1 am. The variations of automations you are able to design are endless.

CÔR allows you to self-monitor your security system with the option to have it professionally monitored. Each person that has access to your house will have their own pin that is controlled by the "Master User" (up to 256 users). When that person enters their pin to gain access to your house, you are notified. E.G. John Smith just unlocked the front door.   You are also able to control when each user accesses your house.

Security sensors

Window/Door Sensor

Cor Window/Door Sensor

This sensor is used to inform you when a window or a door has been opened. You can program each sensor to have a specific name. That way you are able to tell exactly which sensor is open

Water Sensor

Cor Water sensor

This sensor makes the siren go off on the CÔR hub and sends a notification to any number of users. Because this sensor is portable, you are able to place it anywhere within your house to notify you if there is a water leak. This will help prevent the basement from flooding. You can also turn off your furnace/air conditioner to stop the creation of more water when this alarm goes off.

Motion Sensor

Cor Motion Sensor

This sensor detects if there is motion within the room. It is pet friendly, up to approximately a 40 pound dog. It can also be used to turn on the lights as you walk through the house.

Freeze Sensor

Cor Freeze Sensor

This sensor makes the siren go off on the CÔR hub and sends a notification to any number of users. This sensor will help prevent the pipes from freezing in your house.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensor

This sensor will trigger the audible siren in the CÔR hub and send a notification to any number of users.

Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Cor Camera

This camera has to have a power source. It can not run off batteries. This is a motion triggered camera. You are able to view the camera live on your smart phone or tablet or download saved video clips off the camera onto your smart phone or tablet. If someone is breaking into your house, wouldn't you like to get a video of their face or get a clip of their license plate?

Z-Wave Devices

Z-wave is a two way communicating signal that allows you to unlock the brains of your home. There are so many Z-wave devices that you are able to connect to your CÔR hub.

z-wave devices

Smoke Sensor

Z-Wave Sensor

If your smoke alarm goes off you will now be able to turn your furnace off. This will prevent the spread of the fire.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Z-Wave CO Alarm

If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off you will now be able to turn your furnace or hot water tank off. This will prevent the creation of Carbon Monoxide.

Light Module


This device allows you to take control of your lamps. You will be able to dim the lights and turn them on and off from your phone. You will even be able to control the lights through pre-set automations.

Wall Dimmer

Z Wave Wall Dimmer

You are now able to control any light in your house with the Z-wave wall dimmer light switch.

Wall Receptacle

Z Wave Wall Receptacle

Turn any plug in into a smart plug. You are now able to turn off any device that you can plug in from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. This can be used to turn on your coffee machine every morning, control your child's X-box when they are home from school, and make sure the de-humidifier is off during peak hydro hours.

Door Lock

Z Wave Door Lock

Unlock the doors to your house as you pull into the driveway using automations.

SitCor Starter kits

The joy of CÔR, is how customizable the system is to your growing needs.



  • CÔR Hub
  • ​CÔR desk top stand
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • Water sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Light dimmer module



  • CÔR Hub
  • CÔR desk top stand
  • 2 door/window sensors (used for the front and back doors)
  • Water sensor
  • Light dimmer module



  • CÔR Hub
  • CÔR desk top stand
  • 10 window/door sensors
  • Outdoor security camera
  • 2 motion sensors
  • Water sensor
  • Glass break sensor